> VR Electrocution Experience Research Paper


This was a research paper exploring the impact real world consequences had on a players experience in VR.


This paper explores the impact that high consequence feedback has on a player in VR, and the behavioural changes of the player while playing a game with and without the feedback. Virtual Reality being a highly immersive system, it is an appropriate format to test this kind of feedback and its effects. The paper outlines the process taken to develop a system to provide high consequence feedback, and interfacing that with a VR game developed to test the system. The work undertaken in this paper hopes to outline the effectiveness and implications consequences have on the experience of video games.

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The project was built in Unity 3D, and was built to be compatible with Windows Mixed reality.

The source was a prototype built for an old version of Unity and would require the custom shock collar hardware.

Source Code
VR Preview Electric collar strap Zap in use
Collar controller

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